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How do I bond someone out of Jail?
Depending on the status of the inmate within the court system, they may be eligible to bond out of jail. Bonds can be paid 24 hours a day at most jail lobbies. Bonds can either be paid in the form of US currency or a surety bond. A surety bond requires a licensed bond agent to process and a fee paid to the bondsman. In Indiana all bondsmen are equal, the fee is the same the process is the same. A cash bond may be paid with US currency, a money order made out to the County Sheriff Office, or with a credit or debit card, at most jails. Jail staff, have no means to make change, so if paying with cash, the EXACT amount of the bond must be paid. When a bond is paid a receipt will be provided to the payer that will list the inmate upcoming court date(s) if available.

In most counties pursuant to I.C. 35-33-8-3.2, cash bonds posted for the release of a Defendant, upon disposition of the case in which bond is posted, may be applied to any fines, costs, fees, restitution, repayment of public defender fees of the Defendant and/or for any other purpose permitted by law.

Important information to all persons posting bond for arrestees: If you are posting a CASH BOND for the release of an arrestee, then if the arrested person appears at all hearings and/or trial, the money posted will be returned if the person arrested is found not guilty or the charges are dismissed. It the person arrested is found guilty or pleads guilty, the monies posted will be applied toward any fines and/or costs. If there are any monies left over, then only these sums will be returned to the person who was arrested.

Please understand that if you are posting a SURETY BOND (through a bail bondsman) there will be no return of the money posted. This money posted is like an insurance premium and is not returnable.

Please note: Any inmate arrested on alcohol or drug influence related charges will not be released until it has been determined that the individual is no longer intoxicated. Some jails will not even process (book in) an inmate until they are not influenced by the alcohol or drugs.